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Are you sick of stories of Black and brown folks’ trauma? US TOO, DAWG. This show Celebrates regular ass life for Tawny and Andrew, and highlights new projects and work by POC. You can still call in and tell us something cool you did or are proud of! On this show we are just living and letting you do the same. Duck around and find out. New episodes every Friday. Call in! 323-DUX-7223 (323-389-7223)



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Andrew Ti is a writer on ABC’s mixed-ish and created the blog Yo, Is This Racist?, which became a podcast!

Tawny Newsome is an actor and musician known for Star Trek: Lower Decks, Space Force, Brockmire and Bajillion Dollar Propertie$. She lives off the grid in the Mojave desert so her wifi is bad, but she can play the drums as loud as she wants. You can buy her most recent album here